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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I go to a lawyer?

Because life has become more complex. Our Australian society is governed by three levels of governments with various enactments: Acts of Parliament, rules and regulation covering all social and anti social activities. It is easy in this environment to break the law unwittingly. It is important to enter into contract and agreements with the knowledge of possible consequences. It is therefore important o obtain sound legal advices and counselling at the earliest opportunity.

Why De Marchi and Associates?

Because we have many years experience dealing with most areas of law. Whether it be the purchase of a house or business or a lease, or the transfer or assignment of a lease. Whether you are facing traffic alcohol related or criminal charges it is important to get advice in a timely manner. Many intervention orders have long term detrimental effects on the family and children and even future employment and outdoor activities; they need careful attention.

How much will it cost?

The cost of a legal matter depends on the circumstances and the complexity of each individual case. We charge according to the amount of time spent on a matter, the rate of which varies depending on the experience and qualifications of the team member(s) handling the case. Our charges are modelled on the Practitioner Remuneration Order from the Law Institute of Victoria. After an initial appointment with the client, De Marchi and Associates sends a letter of engagement which also includes our estimate of costs.

How long will it take?

The length of processing a legal matter can vary depending on the matter, its urgency and the various parties involved. Straightforward matters can often take as little as a few weeks, while particularly complex cases could potentially take up to several years. We bring all our matters to a conclusion.

Where do I start?

Any issue where legal advice is sought often can be emotionally stressful and difficult to manage. In some instances, it can be very upsetting. At De Marchi and Associates we understand this, our competent team which has dealt with all kinds of matters can support you and make the process more bearable. Regardless of how complex or simple your problem may be, or how helpless you might feel; we will always listen and try to assist in any possible way. Our many years of experience assists in our commitment to helping those in need. We also care about our clients and their feelings.

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