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Our Team: Dino De Marchi

The Principal of the firm Dino De Marchi RFD, LLB (Melb) FRSA, is an experienced Lawyer. He was admitted to practice as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria in 1979, He has signed the Roll of the High Court of Australia and practices law at all levels of the judicial system.

Dino a former Vietnam war veteran and Major in the Army Reserve is bilingual in Italian and has many contacts in Italy. Dino is a community minded individual who has volunteered in Law, Politics and other fields. He is a Fellow of the Taxation Institute of Australia and a Life Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts Manufactures and Commerce. Dino, a Knight of St John of Jerusalem Hospitallers, and of the Temple, was also the Chairman of the Sir Edward Dunlop Medical Research Foundation from 1994 to 2010. He leads by example a team of experienced and dedicated legal professionals, consultants and paralegals. 

Dino DeMarchi

Lawyer Vladimir (Zev) Vinokurov BA LLB is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria. Zev is a dedicated lawyer who brings dedication and advanced skills in family law, commercial, administrative law, company law and employment law.

Zev has acted as an instructing solicitor in the Federal Court, Supreme Court, County Court, the AAT and VCAT, as well as in mediations. He also has appeared in the Magistrates Court in relation to applications for and breaches of intervention orders.

He is currently a Master of Laws (Commercial Law) student at Monash University. He has studied family law, employment law, personal property security law, corporate directors’ duties, and corporate insolvency as part of his Masters; maintaining an overall distinction average. Zev has a working knowledge of Russian and is fluent in Hebrew.  

Vladimir 'Zev' Vinokurov

Associate executive Faina 'Ineke' Black is our Office Manager. She is an experienced paralegal and an associate member of the Institute of Legal Executives. With 30 + years experience in Veterans' appeals at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Tax, Conveyancing and Federal Court Appeals, 'Ineke' is a 'pocket dynamo' who is also bilingual in English and Dutch.

            Faina 'Ineke' Black

Consultant John Alizzi BA (hons) JD (Melb) is an accomplished legal researcher with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree from the University of Queensland. John has completed the prestigious Juris Doctorate from the University of Melbourne. He has considerable experience in social law issues and is a community minded individual. He has completed an internship at Victoria Legal Aid and volunteers for worthwhile issues. John has worked in Japan for several years and has a good working knowledge of Japanese.

                      John Alizzi

Enthusiastic and helpful consultant paralegal Dean De Marchi is also enrolled at RMIT studying the Criminal Justice System. Dean is polite friendly and a helpful volunteer in programs designed to rehabilitate young offenders.  

            Dean De Marchi

Administrative Consultant Sophie Clark is our roving site manager and creator. She implements office systems and procedures. Sophie has experience in Marketing and Social Research. Sophie has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and a Masters of Speech Pathology. Sophie has a working knowledge of Mandarin and French.   

                    Sophie Clark

Paralegal Hawraa Abdallah is a sound and neat Administrator. Hawraa has completed a two year Advanced Diploma of Legal Practice at RMIT and continues to pursue her legal studies. She coordinates office clearance procedures. Hawraa is fluent in Arabic.

             Hawraa Abdallah

Sara Gangemi recently moved to Australia and joined De Marchi and Associates as a volunteer to engage in work experience and to learn English. Sara is fluent in Spanish and French as well as Italian, her mother tongue. She has a Diploma in Linguistics from Instituto Magistrale Carlo Amoretti. With keen organizational and interpersonal skills, she is a valued addition to the team. 

Sara Gangemi

Ashley Belyuga is a fourth year student at Deakin University studying a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Environmental Science). Ashley is moderately fluent in Russian and is a Rover scout. At the end of 2014 Ashley completed an exchange studentship in Belgium as a part of his legal studies. Ashley is a valued team member at De Marchi and Associates and is learning the practical aspects of the law.

Ashley Belyuga

Leopold Oscar Bailey is a current JD student at the University of Melbourne. Concurrent with his University studies, Leopold has been an officer in the Army Reserves for seven years. Leopold's military experience includes operational service on border protection. He was team captain on the AASAM international shooting competition. Leopold is a current member of the Melbourne University Law Review (MULR) and volunteers for the Youth Responder Independent Person Program (YRIPP). Leopold trains in Muay Thai for recreational fitness, having competed professionally in 2013. Leopold is a valued team member of De Marchi and Associates. 

Leopold Oscar Bailey

Jayahn De Marchi is the dedicated office assistant at De Marchi and Associates. His responsibilities include file management, research tasks, delivering court documents and drafting correspondence. Jayahn recently played a role in coordinating of the Battle of Malta Dinner hosted by the Order of St John of Jerusalem.  

Jayahn De Marchi

Consultant James Stuart-Stevenson, a former Commissioned Officer in the Scottish Guards, Jim obtained his Bachelor of Law from Edinburgh University. Affectionately known as 'Jimmy' Jim was also a Certified Practicing Accountant. Jim was a close personal friend of our Principal and a valued contributor to the progress of the firm until his death in 2006. Lest we Forget !

James Stuart-Stevenson 

14.08.1930 - 21.07.2006

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